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Work Queue Manager

Work Queue Manager (WQM) is a fully integrated, web-based platform used for developing business process workflow solutions. WQM manages tasks such as automatic routing, definition of governing behavior and integration between different functional software applications and hardware systems that contribute to the underlying business process. The system is fully customizable and will allow advanced users to introduce new components and/or business rules to the operation. Solutions Advantage has  helped clients promote business effectiveness and efficiency by providing workflow solutions for Accounts Payable, Purchasing Management, and Performance Management Systems among others.

WQM can integrate with multiple workflow and Document Management System (DMS) engines. Its design is based upon the latest Microsoft .NET technologies using web services as business objects which allows for easy customization to fit into existing business processes. There are four critical components of Work Queue Manager:

  • WQM Process Engine – a robust platform for modeling and executing process-based applications based on specific business rules
  • WQM Business Analytics — enable managers to identify business issues, trends, and opportunities with reports and dashboards and react accordingly
  • WQM Content Management — provides an administrative layer for uploading electronic documents, images, and other files
  • WQM Security Layer – extends comprehensive security audit management that identifies and tracks usage and transactions.

A successful Business Process Management (BPM) workflow solution such as the Solutions Advantage Work Queue Manager (WQM) will help to align disparate aspects of an organization, promote business effectiveness and efficiency, while striving for innovation, flexibility, and integration with future technology. This application was created with the primary purpose to simplify development of workflow/DMS applications that need a common interface for departmental or enterprise solutions.